Ceremonies by Third Goddess

Third Goddess Ceremonies
We are a materially-privileged society, and yet so often we suffer for lack of meaning in our lives, a sense of disconnect from what ought to be things that bind us together. When you think of “ceremony,” maybe you think of weddings and funerals, but there are so many passages of life that deserve recognition: welcoming a new child; moving into a new home; retirement or changing careers; coming out, whether in terms of sexuality or gender; name changes; and even honoring the process of a divorce and what new life may be born from that exercise of introspection and change. I found that the process of ritual and ceremony called me in a complex and compelling way, and I decided to follow that calling and study with the Celebrant Foundation and Institute.

I am proud to call myself a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™, and as a graduate of CF&I, I encourage and challenge you to celebrate your life. There is nothing “cookie-cutter” about working with me in ceremony. As a Celebrant, I work closely with you to be certain that you get to tell your story exactly the way you want to: to express yourself authentically, and allow you to tend to your life and others' with dignity. I can help you to recognize and to honor the story that your spirit is telling you. We might speak of boundaries, transitions, readiness or unreadiness to take on new ways of moving through this world; sometimes it is profoundly useful to sing, to smudge, or even to perform spiritual cleansings (limpias) to aid the process of deep change or transformation.

If you are interested by conscious examination and engagement with your journey, and in recognizing, honoring, witnessing, and celebrating your experiences, please give me a call at (505) 250 - 4483. Many blessings to you.