Healing Rituals

healing rituals
The most important aspect of healing is recognizing that nothing lasting comes from an external solution. 90% or more of healing comes from within yourself. Sometimes healing has nothing to do with "getting better" -- at such times, healing is about acceptance and forward movement, even in the face of illness or death. You might be recovering from an addiction to a substance, a behavior, or a person; perhaps you have suffered trauma and are having trouble letting go of it; maybe grief and loss are plaguing you. Serious illness and impending death can be frightening both for yourself as well as your loved ones  -- ceremony can help you move through this.

My role in any healing ceremony is to stand as a compassionate witness; to recognize and validate your experience; to demonstrate your inherent value as a human being and as a spiritual being; and to facilitate the movement of energy in order that you may begin the process of letting go of what no longer serves you.

When you are ready to go deep, give me a call.